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Vincent Van Gogh advised, "It is not the language of painters, but the language of nature which one should listen to." Inspired by this philosophy, I try to capture a prismatic co-relationship with the natural phenomena of the universe.


In portraying the vast expanses of the natural terrain, I respond to the sublime majesty of nature with an emotional bravura of color, form and texture. I illuminate my emotional response to natural splendor in adopting expressionist methods and techniques.


I am always inspired by the changing colors and shadows of a landscape and seek to capture that fleeting moment where nature and color are paramount. I create lively compositions with an intent to create a captivating conversation with Mother Nature and the viewer, intending to create a syncopated response between both.


Celebrating nature's splendor I try to communicate the raw, visceral power of the magnificence of the organic world.



Growing up in a rural New England small town my early years were spent in a small house situated between looming textile mills. My immediate world consisted of large decaying brick structures and most often grey skies. It was here my skills of observation became keen as I spent hours looking at the shadows cast by these monstrous edifices (or so they seemed to a small child), subtle textures in small blades of grass, and intricate patterns in other simple objects in my immediate surroundings, After awhile I could see magical colors in everything. These early awakenings were the beginning of honing my skills of observation where I could  see and feel beyond what was before me.


By the age of twelve I had made up my mind to "live a life bigger than the one I was born into." I  soon read all the book in our little library and dreamed of faraway places I would visit, never realizing I would someday drive through that redwood tree in California I saw in a geography book.


After graduating from college I married and soon began building that life I dreamed of. I traveled to many countries, moved 12 times (so far) and chose a career as a museum director for my profession. My divorce freed me to pursue a more free spirited lifestyle and I soon began painting again. Just like riding a never forget.


Over the years my style has developed into an expressionist style as I have immersed myself in nature...traveling to exotic places where the light, colors and shadows speak to me in their native tongue.

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